The Charmer            

You know how to sweet-talk your way into anything, and seem to know everyone.  You have all the best party invitations, the best connections for special events, and can negotiate a discount on a great pair of shoes in a skinny minute.  Your perfect match is the stoic and stable Lifeguard, who will keep you from overpromising while you’re engaging in all that sweet-talk.                                        

The Deep Diver

You like to understand how things work, and are famous for your perception and the depth of your questions.  You’re going to spend a fair amount of time getting to know someone before you let them into your inner circle.  Your perfect match is the Sun Worshippers, who’s going to occasionally help pull you out of your deep, dark cave of details.            

The Butterfly            

You’re the life of every party, flitting around and effortlessly making conversation with everyone. You’re interested in everything and are always up for a new adventure. Your perfect match is the Polo Player, who will match your sense of adventure, and balance you with intensity and depth.                             

The Lifeguard

You are stoic, calm and strong – but that strength hides a deep sense of compassion and strong feelings.  You’re the one your friends rely on to ensure that everything’s going to be okay.  Your perfect match is the Charmer, who will balance your quiet nature with a little extraversion                                        

The Sun Worshipper

You like to be the center of attention, and prefer clarity and warmth in all your relationships.  You’re always going places and like to be outdoors.  Your perfect match is the Deep Diver, who will lend a little mystery to your life                                

The Polo Player

You’re the consummate competitor, pursuing excellence in all parts of your life.  You like strenuous sports and other games of skill, and love a good contentious conversation.  Your perfect match is the Butterfly, who will smooth out conflicts and encourage you to lighten up a bit. 


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