How does Splish work?

Join A Game

●       To join a game as a contestant, head to the Dating Pool where you will find hosts who match your age, gender and distance preferences.

●       When you come across someone you want to play with, tap Play Now and answer the host’s three questions within 15 minutes.

●       If the host liked your answers best, you will be added to each other’s Game Center where you can chat! 

Host A Game

●       To host a game, head to the Game Center, tap the ‘+’ button to select the three questions you want to ask and send your game to the Dating Pool.

●       After three contestants have answered your questions, Splish will notify you that it is time to choose a winner. From the Game Center, tap the beach ball to view the answers.

●       Choose the contestant with the best answers and we will add the winner to your Matches so you can start chatting! 

Can anyone host a game?

Splish does not discriminate! Both men and women can host a game.

What if only one or two people play my game?

If after 24 hours only two contestants have played your game, Splish will let you choose between the two. If only one person plays your game, you can review the lone contestant’s answers and add him or her to your Game Center if you like what you see. 

Who can play my games?

Your contestants will match the age (18 - 55+), gender (male, female or both) and location radius (5 - 100 miles) specified in your Settings. Your contestants will never include people you have blocked or identified as a ‘Play Never’ while browsing the Dating Pool.

How does swiping work in the Dating Pool?

In the Dating Pool, you can swipe back and forth between hosts with open games until you find someone you want to play with. Swiping left does not kick a host out of your Dating Pool. As long as at least one of three spots is still available, you can always swipe back to a host you have passed over and join his or her game.

What happens when I select Play Never?

Selecting Play Never means you will never see this host in your Dating Pool again and he or she will never be able to join your game as a contestant. Be careful, this cannot be undone!

How many games can I play a day?

While you can only host one game at a time, Splish places no other limitations on the number of games you can play.  Host one game after the other and join as many games as a contestant as you want!

How can I view someone’s profile after we’ve matched?

To view a match’s full profile, tap his or her name on the top bar of your conversation.

How can I change my gender?

To change your gender, go to your Settings and select your gender under ‘I Am’ at the top of the screen. Be careful, you can only change your gender once!

How can I change my age?

Splish pulls your age from your Facebook account. If your age appears incorrectly on your Splish profile, update your birthdate on Facebook so that Splish can pull your correct age. 

Can I sign up without a Facebook account?

Currently you must have a Facebook account to sign up for Splish.

Can I block someone I’ve matched with?

To block someone on Splish, tap his or her name on the top bar of your conversation, scroll down and select ‘Block.’ If you block someone on Splish, he or she will never appear in your Dating Pool, be able to join one of your games or be able to message you again. If you simply want to clear a conversation from your Game Center, swipe left and select ‘Delete’.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your Splish account, go your settings page within the app and select ‘Delete Account’ at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to delete your account. 

How can I enable location services for Splish on my iPhone?

Since Splish populates your Dating Pool with the people around you, locations services must be enabled to play. To enable locations services for Splish, open your settings on your iPhone, scroll down to Splish and select ‘While Using the App’ under the ‘Location’ menu.