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Splish has arrived!  Dive in.


Love! Easy and fun to use!  I just discovered this app and so far I love it!  It's easy and fun to use and the games are super effective on breaking the ice with others ...

Great dating app.  I tried this app when it was in beta and I was amazed. It is very well designed and is a much better alternative to your typical dating app.  Would definitely recommend.

Dating apps are back and better than ever.  I actually thought the time had passed on dating apps, and that it was impossible to find cool people on them anymore.  But Splish is well thought out and it actually inspires conversation - it's fun!

What is Splish?

Not your average shallow dating app, Splish is a fast-paced mobile dating game that lets you choose matches based on their answers to questions from the Splish question bank. FMK?  Favorite ice cream? Secret talent? Choose a winner and then message your match with one of our witty icebreakers.


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